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Hot Tub Experience The Ultimate Experience for any Occassion

Perfect for any Occassion

Our hot tub experience is perfect for any occasion! Whether a romantic date night with your partner or relaxing and chatting with your friends and family. Who doesn’t love a hot tub!


Hot Tub & Cocktail

We all love a cocktail. So why not relax with your friends and family in our hot tub whilst having our amazing sister company The Bar People prepare and serve you cocktails!

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Dry Hire Hot Tub

Enjoy our Hot Tub Experience with your friends a family in style. Our 5-7 seater Hot Tubs are the perfect way to have intimate parties with the people you love.

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Hot Tub & Cinema

In partnership with GardenFlix, sit back and relax in our luxury Hot Tub available from 3-7 days and spend a night on your chosen day watching your favourite movies in style.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I hire a hot tub for one night?2021-03-20T21:55:19+00:00

Due to the time it takes to set-up and take-down our Hot Tubs this is a service that is not possible and is less feasible for us to operate. Our Minimum hire is 3 days which is our most popular service. This allows you to hire over the full weekend making you enjoy the most out of our Hot Tubs.

Is the Hot Tub Cleaned from its previous use?2021-03-20T22:01:28+00:00

Yes! We will clean all Hot Tubs after use to ensure that they are well sanitised. We also replace and put a brand new filter every job so that you can have peace of mind that your filter is clean and will operate correctly to ensure everything is clean.

How long does it take to reach the required temperature?2021-03-20T22:06:07+00:00

Our hot tubs can take anywhere from 8 to 12 hours to reach desired temperature once filled up

How much space in the Garden does the Hot Tub require?2021-03-20T22:09:15+00:00

All Hot Tubs require a flat surface and a space of roughly 2m X 2m. Any surface is fine such as patio, decking and grass.

Can I use an Extension Cable?2021-03-20T22:19:39+00:00

No, extension cables cannot be used with Lay-Z-Spas. The Lay-Z-Spa pumps come with a 7 metre cable which is usually sufficient for customers to reach their nearest grounded socket with RCD protection. If the cable is not long enough, we recommend getting a qualified electrician to install a grounded outdoor socket with RCD protection. The socket that the hot tub is being plugged in to should be grounded and at least 4 metres away, at a height of at least 1.2m from the ground.

Does the Hot Tub have a cover?2021-03-20T22:29:14+00:00

Yes all our Hot Tubs have covers to help maintain the tubs temperature whilst not in use

Will the Hot Tub fit down my side entrance?2021-03-20T21:58:41+00:00

Yes! We use Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs which are inflatable allowing use to deflate and carry them in smaller parts through a house or down narrow side entrances.

How do you fill the Hot Tub?2021-03-20T22:03:51+00:00

We will fill our Hot Tubs through your water supply. This can be hot or cold and we can provide extension hoses that can connect to your kitchen or external tap.

What days can the Hot Tub be hired?2021-03-20T22:07:18+00:00

You can hire our Hot Tubs any day of the week provided we have availability

Is it dangerous if the hot tub is plugged into mains electricity?2021-03-20T22:14:05+00:00

Our hot tubs run on a UK standard 13amp/240V electrical supply. You should always use a grounded socket with RCD protection. All of our pumps come with a built in RCD unit as a safety measure.

Do I need to use chemicals and why?2021-03-20T22:23:59+00:00

Yes. Even if you plan to use the Hot Tub for a short period of time, it is a requirement to ensure your water is treated correctly using chemical. We will provide the correct chemicals and will treat the water as part of the set up. Chemical are essential to ensure your Lay-Z-Spa is well maintained and no unwanted bacteria, or germs can grow and harm the Tub as well as yourselves.

If you are unsure during your Hire about the condition of the water you can give us a call and we will be happy to assist and can even come back to check the water again for you.

How Do I Book?2021-03-20T22:26:48+00:00

Visit our website to get a quote for your chosen service and duration. We will be back ASAP with a quote for your hire and location and any other services you wish to add.

If you have any quotations please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to help!

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